About Us

Step into the world of Lime Kiln Vintage.

Nestled next to the Stourbridge Canal, in Wordsley. Our exclusive and enchanting workshop is the home of creativity and inspiration. Limekiln Vintage is named after the 'Lime Kiln' that stood near here. Here at Lime Kiln Vintage, our philosophy  is that furniture should be interesting,  serious and fun.  Our devotion to up- cycling and producing unique pieces for your home or business is expressed before your very eyes.  

We have serious pieces that should never be altered - to our quirky items that express your artistic and creative passions.

We are exclusively open by appointment only

Each item we renovate and present for sale is truly unique. We source Vintage items,  they are then carefully restored and renovated. We not only strip & re- paint the exteriors, but we coat the interior and undersides with an environmentally safe & friendly coating too.

You will find lots of 'shabby chic' elsewhere but not at Lime Kiln Vintage. Anyone can produce shabby chic, we produce quality over quantity. You won't find mass churned out items here. We design our own stencils in-house, mix our own colours and create unique pieces unrivalled and unavailable anywhere else. Theres only one label with LKV and that belongs to us.


Your wish is granted.

Fallen in love with an item but not the colour? We can soon change that. All our items can be re-painted to a colour palette of your choice for an additional fee.

This is just a small part of the exclusive & bespoke service we offer.

Thousands of possible paint finishes & combinations.

Let us wave our magic wand and make your dream a reality.

Appointment Only

 We are strictly open by appointment only within the stated times. This also presents an great opportunity for privacy. Appointments can be made for viewings, but no deliveries or help with collections can be granted unless prior arrangement has been made. As there is nobody who can lift furniture at the time of viewing. We can however arrange this once purchased - but not at the time of viewing.

Please feel free to contact us for further information